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Dr. Dalia Hasan

Western University, Professor of Anatomy

Tell us a little bit about your unique educational background.

I originally started in the Medical Sciences program here at Western University, but after realizing it was just not for me, I switched to Health Sciences where I had the chance to integrate Public Health and Health Promotion into my studies. After this, I completed Medical School in Hungary (in English), completing the training in 5 years. Most medical degrees in Europe take 5-6 years to complete. I also completed an international medical program at Oxford University (which accepts only 50 students).

What are your thoughts about attending medical school outside Canada?

It really depends on each person in terms of one’s situation and motivation to study abroad. One tip I'd offer is that it is a difficult process to come back to Canada with the extra licensing exams and competition to gain residency for international students, but is achievable if motivated.

What is one myth you would like to debunk?

You only hear about the professional schools and don’t hear about graduate school or other opportunities. The lifestyle of a doctor is certainly rewarding, however many things must be taken into consideration when making such a commitment, this includes: the length of training it takes, the financial stresses, and the responsibility to learn and understand a lot of material very well to best serve your community.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to undergrads?

This is to be taken with a grain of salt, as students learn material differently, but I've noticed that many students spend hours rewriting their notes. Professors spend a great deal of time summarizing many sources for students to meet the expectations of the course. My advice is to use your time wisely and study straight from lecture notes, that way you don't miss anything that the professor might test you on, and you use your study time efficiently.

Can you give us one last piece of motivational advice?

Gaining a spot in a Canadian medical school is now more competitive than ever. There are many distractors in University but if you take your studies seriously and fully commit yourself to the challenging yet rewarding path of becoming a doctor, I have every confidence you will succeed in achieving your goals.

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