• What will I gain from attending this conference? Can't all this information be found online?

    The information delegates receive at MedX is just one part of the experience. Our primary aim is to not just inform students about the path to becoming health professionals, but also to put students in contact with resources they may not find themselves, such as medical students to consult with, MCAT tutors as well as current doctors and medical professors. This one-of-a-kind networking experience can result in great contacts and mentors.


    Further, our MMI workshops, Opportunities' Fair, and panels are interactive and collaborative experiences that are irreproducible online. Our lineup of keynotes comprised of fascinating industry professionals will offer you different perspectives on the field of medicine, and motivate you to attain your educational goals.

    My university offers many medical school preparatory sessions. What makes MedX Conferences different?

    Our conference is your one-stop-shop for all things medical admissions. Rather than a series of disjointed seminars on various admissions related topics, we bring together all the information, resources and connections you need to craft an excellent application into one space. Being an event unaffiliated with any school, our delegates also get the chance to network with students, researchers and clinicians from institutions across Canada.

    Are the conferences in each city identical?

    Each conference follows a set of goals and objectives listed above, however may vary in their delivery of these objectives. Each conference will have a unique selection of workshops, speakers, and interactive sessions. Additionally, the majority of medical students and professionals presenting at each conference will be from the locality (ex. majority McMaster medical students and alumni at MedX Hamilton).

    My city isn't listed as an upcoming MedX Conference!

    As MedX Canada expands its work across the nation, new cities will be added to accommodate for the growing interest in our conferences. If you are interested in learning more about future MedX Canada Conferences that are not listed on our website, feel free to email team@medxcanada.org with your thoughts!

    How do I contact an individual conference?

    To get in touch with an individual conference, please use the following emails:

    Toronto: toronto@medxcanada.org

    London: london@medxcanada.org

    Hamilton: hamilton@medxcanada.org

    Edmonton: edmonton@medxcanada.org

    Ottawa: ottawa@medxcanada.org

    Vancouver: vancouver@medxcanada.org

    Calgary: calgary@medxcanada.org


    For general inquiries, please contact team@medxcanada.org.

    How do I buy tickets?

    Tickets for conferences will be sold through Eventbrite. In the meantime, like our Facebook page for updates on ticket sales for our events in the near future!

    What is included in my ticket price?

    A single admission ticket to a MedX event includes access to all keynotes, workshops, panels and booths, as well as refreshments throughout the day. Please note that MedX Canada is a non-profit organization, all ticket costs are kept to a minimum to cover solely logistical, venue, and speaker costs.

    Will I need ID to enter the conference?

    Yes, proof of enrolment in a post-secondary institution will be required upon entry, such as a student card or a university distributed bus pass. Any ID must have your full name, as well as a photo on it.

    How can I become a MedX Canada sponsor?

    Thank you for your interest! MedX Canada sponsorship information can be found on our sponsorship tab, or here.

    Have more questions?

    Contact us at team@medxcanada.org, or send us a message through our Facebook page, we'd love to hear from you!

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